Jody wrote and produced a documentary on Mother Antonia, an American nun who spent 30 years living and working with prisoners at Tijuana's La Mesa Penitentiary. Titled "La Mama: An American Nun's Life in a Mexican Prison," it is narrated by Susan Sarandon. Jody also produced another project shot in Mexico that aired nationally on The Hallmark Channel. "Miracles in Tula" follows San Diego's Mercy Outreach Surgical Team (MOST) to a city in central Mexico. Hosted by Naomi Judd, the program profiles a dedicated medical team as they provide free plastic surgery to poor Mexican children with facial birth defects. Jody has also produced 2 award winning documentaries for KPBS in San Diego. "Packed House" is a definitive program on clutter, from pack rats to compulsive hoarders. The show aired on many PBD stations around the country. "A Hand Up" tells the surprising story of actress Tipi Hedren's involvement with Vietnamese refugees in the 1970s, and how she came to be the reason most nail salons in the western US are run by Vietnamese immigrants. The program aired throughout California and is now a permanent part of the Smithsonian Institution's immigrant archives.

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